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Centre and Circumference by Jake Lever huge artwork of two golden hands installed in zero carbon house, BirminghamThe wonderful piece of art, Centre and Circumference, was installed on the top floor studio in zero carbon house.

The art installation was very generously on loan from our friend Jake Lever of Lever Arts.

Jake writes: “The red bole is both the same colour and actually the same material as our floor – basically just red clay.

“I approach my practice as a contemplative activity. My images are often derived from fragments of medieval paintings, frescoes and icons. Recently the hand has provided a focus for my work, a framework for the exploration of frailty, vulnerability and the presence of the divine.

“My work is created using an intaglio printmaking technique. Plates are made in a very physical way, scoring and cutting into the surfaces. Gold leaf is often applied to the paper prior to printing, making each piece unique. I think of these works as contemporary icons, points of stillness amidst a fast turning world.”

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