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  • Jankovic, L. and H. Huws (2012) ‘Simulation experiments with Birmingham Zero Carbon House and optimisation in the context of climate change’. In proceedings of BSO 12 – Building Simulation and Optimization, 11 – 12 September 2012, University of Loughborough.
  • Jankovic, L. and H. Huws (2012) ‘The Effect of Thermal Mass and Thermal Insulation on Retrofit Under Climate Change’. In Proceedings of Urban Sustainability and Resilience, 5 November 2012, University College London.
  • Jankovic, L. and H. Huws (2013) ‘Birmingham Zero Carbon House – Energy, Carbon and Economic Performance Analysis’. In Proceedings of Sustainable procurement in urban regeneration and renovation. 21 – 25 May 2013, Oulu, Finland.

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  1. It’s inspiring to see this, because most of the people I talked to concerning zero carbon homes by 2016 (for my 15000word dissertation) were somewhat pessimistic with it’s practical implementation. However my dissertation took the matter further and investigated the implementation of a code of sustainable homes in developing countries.
    I hope the strategies behind this dwelling can be applicable to both new and existing homes on a massive scale in order to make a significant carbon impact globally.

    Nekoda Chilombe Simwami MSc, BSc (hons)
    The University of Nottingham 2008 Graduate
    PJP Associates | Sustainable Senior Architect

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