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Here are a few examples of articles in which reference has been made to zero carbon house:

Determinedly modernist Architect Michael Manser’s influence on the development of British postwar architecture inspired a Riba award in his name, By Edwin Heathcote (Financial Times, 5 November 2010)

“John Christophers’ Zero Carbon house is self-explanatory, a piece of clever urban infill in an ordinary Birmingham residential street which shows the potential of the contemporary house to radically reduce energy consumption.”

Burning issues: Subsidies will help to boost the take-up of ‘renewable’ heating, but choosing a system to suit your needs can be daunting. By Paul Miles (Financial Times, 1 April 2011)

“However, unless you live in a perfectly designed eco-house (like that of architect John Christophers, whose converted Victorian terrace in Birmingham gets 92 per cent of its energy needs from the sun) it is unlikely that solar thermal will do more than heat hot water.”

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