Head shot of Adrian Goldberg
BBC Radio presenter Adrian Goldberg has said it would be amazing for Birmingham if zero carbon house could be the model for homes everywhere.


The broadcaster was talking to owners John Christophers and Jo Hindley on a visit to their Balsall Heath home for the BBD Radio 4 Open Country programme Visions of Birmingham.


Here’s a transcript of the end of the feature:
John Christophers:
…the new albion, the new England, should be full of zero carbon houses…
Adrian Goldberg:
It is a fantastic house.  I like the house where I live; but I must say if this house came onto the market I’d be very tempted to buy it.


But again, you don’t want it to be the only house, and it would be amazing for Birmingham, wouldn’t it, if Birmingham could say: this is the model?


Not every house is going to be the same, not every house is going to have the same wishes and designs as you, but what you’ve done here: wouldn’t it be amazing if Birmingham said, we’ve got something original, something inspirational, in our midst?


If it can be done in Balsall Heath, we can do it anywhere!
John Christophers:
We need to go round all our old housing stock, insulate it to a very, very good standard, put solar panels on the roofs where they’re facing the right way, reduce the running cost of these houses dramatically, give skills, give jobs to people in these difficult times, and I think it could make a fantastic vision of a green city.


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